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petra The most famous attraction in Jordan is the Nabatean city of Petra, some 262 kilometers or 160 miles south of Amman. The Victorian traveler and poet, Dean Burgeon, gave Petra a description which holds to this day "Match me such a marvel save in Eastern clime, a rose red city half as old as time." More than 2,000 years ago Petra was used as a temporary refuge by nomadic Nabatean Arabs, Bedouins who came north out of Arabia. From a few caves in a rocky outcrop, easy to defend, the nabateans created Petra as a fortress city. Petra still forms part of the domain of the Bedouin. The visitor finds them with their horses and camels for the unforgettable trip into the rose red city. To reach the city the visitor travels on foot, on horse-back, or by horse drawn carriage through the awesome "Siq", an immense crack in the Nubian sandstone.