General policy of the company

Our goal is to earn the advanced status of competition in the market through the quality of our services.

In order to achieve these Purposes is committed to public

 Public safety standards in the company

1 - periodic maintenance and maintenance fast 

that public safety is at the top of our concerns as to raise the level of services provided by Company to the customers. Through periodic follow-up continued and intensified for cars 
And so on as follows: - 
1 - periodic maintenance of the cars in service stations     approved by the company.    
2 - Scheduled maintenance by the manufacturer of the car and maintain its commitment to deadlines set by the manufacturer
3 - quick inspection of each car within the Centre for maintenance of the company after each trip by car.               and work to ensure for: - 
              A – Oil level
              B - water level 
              C - Lights 
              D - front and rear Brake
              E - Rapper 
              F - Windshield Wipers 
              G –Tire air pressure  
              H - Efficient air-conditioning system in the car 
              I - Car Cleaner external and internal 
4 - Action Dry Clean periodically to cars unspecified dates concluded with the Centre for dry Klein. 

5 - The General Department for pursuing the company leased cars and communicate with customers  To carry out inspection of the car and follow-up technical Therefore, the company is securing the client Cab to be temporary, the car inspection and maintenance work necessary and to make sure  Readiness of the full and then returned to the client.
6 - Procedures for car rental

Drivers are trained through the centers of a company fully capable to train drivers and rehabilitation fully qualified to deal with all the conditions surrounding them while driving. 
The general administration of the company drivers and follow-up to the level of leadership for them and doing the re-training course every 3 months to find out what is new in the world of leadership and public safety. 

Daily meetings and periodic 
The company, in an effort to build trust between them and their staff on the work of the meeting are discussing all that is worthy of advancement of the level of service provided. And to matters of public safety. 

penal systems for staff in the company      
The Company always keen and never to build bridges of trust and mutual respect between them and the staff, but at the same time will not compromise with the employee negligent in its work and therefore distort the picture the company and strives to highlight best.
Therefore, the penal system of the company or firm and uncompromising and the penalties thus: -
1 - The Department will issue a warning to the employee who commits in his work or with clients with a salary deduction
2 - The administration of firing the employee who received a written warning after he fouled again and give all their rights.
**The associated services of vehicles operating 
The company is keen to continue to get the best services to customers and customer by following through on the latest possibilities that make the quality of service a distinctive character.
It is sought by the company over the past years is to provide the level of cars running New safety and follow-up action through the annual contributions to our cars in numerous areas with
Including: -

 1 - service road by a company CSN.
 And through the involvement of our vehicles   operating in this service, which covers any malfunction
 May occur in the course of the car out on a journey and include this coverage as follows: -
1 - service charge the battery and operate within the borders of the kingdom.
2 - Service to provide vehicle fuel in the event of force on the road within the boundaries of the kingdom
3 - open the service vehicle in case you forget the keys inside the vehicle (in Amman)
4 - Service guidance on the road
5 – tire  repair service within the borders of the kingdom.

 2 – GPS  Service 

In this context, we intensify our efforts to achieve the following objectives: 
• rapprochement with customers and various actors in our creating adequate solutions agree and cope with their needs. 
• The development of the qualifications of our workers and our staff through training and constant stimulation and involvement in improving the quality of services provided public safety and occupational health. 
• Maintain the provision of means of our monitoring standards of the profession. 
• provide the best services to our customers according to the possibilities available. 
• Ensuring respect for the laws in force with respect to public safety and health Professional, as well as conventions and agreements which the company charges. 
• Take all possible measures and procedures for promotion
Studies have shown that the real strength of the project lies in its members than in their organized, procedures or its assets and resources, the project is capable of lifting the morale of the personnel will be better able to strengthen its competitive position and meet the challenges and the development of the spirit of achievement and performance development.
And specializes in the routing functionality mainly to the management of human behavior and the development of voluntary cooperation among workers to achieve their goals and objectives of the organization. Development is the morale of the working group of the most important elements of the routing process by the team leader, an essential foundation for effective guidance to the side of the twin pillars of communication and leadership. The Commander shall be responsible for stimulating staff to work efficiently and effectively, and link their goals to ensure the objectives of the project, and by raising their morale.

The definitions of morale
From this definition we see that the morale linked to five factors are:
1. The confidence of team members in Worke.
2. The confidence of team members in leadership.
3. The confidence of team members in each other.
4. Organizational efficiency of the group.
5,. Emotional, psychological and mental health of members of the group.
 - To motivate employees to work
The Department has sought hard to raise the morale of its staff and give them financial and moral incentives to make the staff member in case the extra mile in an effort to raise the company to the highest levels
The interest of the company to improve the service provided the company has imposed stringent laws on its way lease and the emphasis on health official documents during the course of a contract for the rental. It insists on a certain point is not to contract with those under the age of twenty with the laws in  Jordan allow this, but the company felt that this age is not qualified to drive vehicles and maintain.
 Lease and action: -
1 - Copy of driver's license and personal identification.
2 - Copy of the passport for non-Jordanians.
3 - Chic secure one thousand JD recovered after 14 days from the date of the lease.
4 - Insurance worth 300 J.D, or the equivalent in foreign currency to non-Jordanians.
5 - The signing of the lease the following conditions.

1 - not the transport of goods in which violation of the laws.
2 - Not utilizing the vehicle for the withdrawal of Qatar or other vehicles.
3 - Non-transfer passengers hire or rent to someone else.
4 - not used in racing individually or collectively.
5 - not led by someone other than mentioned contract.
6 - Non-Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
7 - Not Ahra any repair or replacement of any piece in the car.
8 - notify the Company in the event of any accident to Searhkhala 24 hours.
9 - Follow-up car rental

The general administration of the company pursuing the car leased and communicate with customers to inspect the car and follow-up technical Therefore, the company is to secure the client a temporary cab, but checked the car and the work required maintenance, and ensuring the full readiness, and then returned to the client.
Follow closely the permanent and continuing question on the comments of customers around the cars leased or service provided for them, or treat the staff.

3 - conditions of employment of the company
1. Enduring commitment
2. Use during work hours at work
3. Compliance with regulations and laws governing the work
4. Teamwork
5,. Belonging to the company
6. His skill in communicating with others
7. Dealing well with his colleagues and superiors and auditors
8. Ensure the continued development of the work
9. Collaboration with colleagues
10. Speed of delivery
11. Precision in the achievement
12. Do all the work entrusted to him in time
13. Provides new and innovative ideas with positive results to work
14. Do a lot more than the required and additional efforts
15. The ability to solve problems
16. The ability to work under pressure
17. Labor flexibility and simplification of procedures
18. Knowledge of good work
19. Has high skills used to accomplish the tasks entrusted to him
20. The ability to disseminate information
21. His commitment and undertaking efforts to develop the skills and experience
22. Contribute to the development of plans and follow up their implementation / supervisory posts
23. Contribute to the development of regulations and manuals and guides reviewers / supervisory posts
24. To ensure the development of subordinates, training and support and support / supervisory posts
4- insurance services company's cars
All vehicles operated by a company covered by comprehensive insurance for accidents and in order for us to provide the best have sought the company is struggling to secure the vehicle with driver is also against the financial obligations incurred by the company alone and offered to customers free of charge. The company has insurance to their cars to the insurance companies in the country. Took on El insurance with: -
1 - Jordan French Insurance
2 – Al –Arade Al-Moqadasa Insurance
3 – Al-damenon Al-arab Insurance
The company saves insurance contracts in the records for reference at any time.

5 - Delegate of accidents in the company
The company is keen on the existence of a special follow up the incidents and matters relating to insurance companies that is pursuing the accident that happens to vehicles operating in the company and sent to service centers for repair in case of accidents the driver is our representative followed up on matters of legal terms of securing the driver from A to Z.

6 - Accident records
The representative of the work accident records kept by the incidents of vehicles operating with the company. That the reservation of these records the length of the work of the car with the company, but the end isService and replaces it with a new car.
Processing service car GPS with the latest maps and alternative routes and know the specific speeds on the roads.
7 - Renewal of vehicles 
Alleged that the company is keen to provide good service and new at the same time to our customers and therefore the company is constantly looking for what is new in the automotive world and therefore the company is Renewal according to the latest car models that reach the market. And looking for benefits and welfare that elevate the type of service provided to our esteemed clients.
  Documentation of periodic maintenance and quick maintenance of the management agenda is the company's overalland for reference and evaluating the performance of maintenance centers and within the following points: -
1 - Allocation of Book of maintenance per car and identify the maintenance process were made.
2 - Register the names of the pieces that have been installed and brands, documenting invoices showing the quality of parts and efficiency.
3 - The date next to inspect parts that have been installed.
4 - To provide the public administration of these books after all the maintenance is done.
5 - Register the name of the employee who sent the car's to the maintenance station.
8 - Reports of periodic maintenance
 administration, including the following:

• Verification of the need to inform and delivery of this policy and applied to all levels of the The company. 
• reject any exception to this policy. 
• to measure and follow up the achievements and communication. 
• stop any inappropriate activity that would affect the immediate future or at the level of The company and the public safety there. 
• ensure continuity and sustainable development by holding periodic meetings in which each discusses Things that related to improving the quality of service offered by our company. 

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